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Over here you will have to pay good attention step by step you will understand how our emotions play in enthusiasm, stress and risks.

In the last few years I’ve spent some days doing some analysis with some big researchers, big doctors of targeting goals and reaching it, targeting customers, people traffic, sales or positive vibes.

The last time I was in a fabric, I saw a person working with a machine but the special about this person is that whenever somebody needs something they call him and find him ready and this is how to become loved when you give your skills and the best of you in what you do.

I asked him about it because it made me really curious about the subject of the law of attraction.

You know what was his answer? , he said: It was my passion since I was young.

This is the key to make money, projects or good health.

Yahia Benabou 2012 All right reserved.

By loving what you do, you will reach higher levels of good health and successful life when it comes to professional life or family fulfillment?

First rule love what you do.

Even if there will be routine or hard time you will never get bad influence or habits and you will succeed in what you want to do.

Another key for motivation that we will speak about here is : 


They may depend on many people or works… A manager will be happy to manage his business, a painter will spend most of his time on a weird piece of art but in the end it gives the result. Why? When we work with enthusiasm, motivation becomes linked with actions, and what we work on becomes a pleasure.

It offer also a special point that we don’t have to neglect who is the innovated ideas and projects are always stimulated with enthusiasm.
It’s not about the quantity but the quality.
My friend the scientist in the UK made a big research about enthusiasm, linked with succeed and when he asked many workers if they would love to get paid more to work more and 67.98% said that they’d rather work less in chill ways and get paid less, than being stressed out all the time, exhausted and angry to win some dollars plus.


Here we are again, seriously if you want to become a big marketer, doctor, artist… You need to be always paying attention, being present for your customers, family and everybody.

Accept their anger or negative attitude in order to deal with it by fixing the problem directly instead of focusing on talking or behaving in a negative way, then you will become also a part of the problem that have to be fixed by others…
Being present start with others starts by being conscious about ourselves.

3 other golden keys over here.

- Being successful.

- Exigency and victory, reaching success.

- Engagement: the capacity to give all of you in many projects.

1 Last bonus for you : 

- The spirit of initiative and optimism.

Honestly theses last tips cannot be negotiated if you want to take opportunities and to win over obstacles.


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You want to know how to become rich ? we will share with you the best 6 tipes to get rich by loving what you do.
Remember that you are using now Microsoft or Apple, drinking soda or using other products.

You are a potential buyer but the boss of one of these companies is the same as you in a marketing sense, so why don’t you become riche why what you do? And at the same time you are also a rational costumer.

6 types of personnalities that you have to know

6 types of personnalities that you have to know
Over here dear readers, you will find 6 Kinds of personalities and you will have to read wisely each one, discover what match with you and learn more about weaknesses and strength points.

It is important to know so we can come over powerful, focus n some kind of skills and speciallities and also to improve in everything we do.
When it comes to business, every product has strength and weak points and every promoter have to use them well. You can do the same for everything in your life.

1- The instigator :Strong points:
The meadows are pliant, charming and filled with resources. He likes to figure, risk, he's employed intuitively, likes magic even while not seduction downside. It’s attention-grabbing to stimulate success

Dressed to show his success. The instigator works alone as in a set because he is very adaptable. He has a luxurious way of life and luxurious setting.

Negative points under pressure:
He manipulates his surroundings …